It is never late to learn music or art.

We offer musical instruction, performance, and participation


Glen Mills Music & Art Center is a small, local, and artistic family business. We provide quality music and art instruction in a professional, friendly, and nurturing environment to students of all ages.We like to promote the positive values of music and art by bringing families, neighbors, and friends in our community together to inspire all to embrace the gift of music and art and make everyone feel as though they are a part of something special. As an experienced music and art instructor, I learned that challenges can change humans to be sophisticated thinkers and a better problem solvers. That is what music and art lessons do to your brain. Our instructors are dedicated to foster their students’ musical and artistic development and confidence and cultivate a passion for music and art. 

Allyn Garbhi - Owner & Instructor

All photography provided by Glen Mills Music & Art Center.